PNW Handball

Philip Meranto 3 Wall Tourney 2022

Killer Doubles 2019 – Glenn Carden

Meranto 2019



Hood River Invitational 2019

Division One:(left to right) Champions Phillip Stenberg, Kyle English and Andrew Stenberg (the Stenbergs alternated with Kyle) grapple for the just unveiled new trophy with second place finishers Sean O’Connell and Stephen Stenberg.

Division Two: (left to right) Champions Jennifer Hinman with her son and partner Ron Harder share the stage with second place finishers Doug Woods and Randy Stender.



Winners! Sean Lenning, Jesse Braman, Maxx Bennett, LeRoy Gmazel


Meranto Gang – 2017

Yakima Med School Students – Fun!

Med School Students in action

Med School Students – AFTER action


Meranto 3-Wall – The winners


Meranto 3-Wall – The peanut gallery


Oregon State Doubles – Open Champs!
Dalton Beall & Cody Townsend (center), Bob Herrera & Conor Casey (outsides)


Oregon State Doubles – Mixed Doubles!
Mike Stenberg & Helen Stenberg