Canadian Handball is alive & well!

BCHA is still quite active, for anyone visiting Vancouver, B.C…. Brad Kenning ( and Tom Lawson ( or 604-941-5536) are the main contacts for anyone wanting to get a game.

The JOHN GRAHAM is ON for February 2016!

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Hey im just commenting cause i love the sport. We are locate in south florida . we love to meet you people and play new people . right now we have a ny vs fl tourment next we have dallas vs fl. we would love to keep playing different states city with 100% pay outs. if you interest please visit our facebook page #sflgotnxt-south florida got nxt. I believe we have one of the pretties court in the usa…lol.. for the love of the wall. please help expand the game we all love. also please bring your A game.

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